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Real Sex Doll for Sale 135cm MS-009

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It gives us not only the best choice of good japanese sex love doll but also the best and best service.
For what reason?
We use quality checks before japanese sex love doll have been sent, regardless of their size than the usual sex asses or BBW sex dolls, and those who sell us to pass checks will return. If we are fasting for fabricates, it only takes hours for business. For exporters in China, it may take weeks or even months.
What are the benefits of owning a silicone sex doll?
Like other sexually fingers, silicone dolls are of great benefit to you. Due to satisfying sex they want friendships. Part of our clients also uses sex dolls for photography, mold and display.
Few couples use sex sweets to have a new and powerful history. Silicone doll will be there for you until the end of time. They will be strong and happy to help you through the same sexual experience you desire.

Product Details:

Internal structure: metal skeleton
Bust/waist/hip: 76cm*56cm*77cm
Weight: 25kg
Height: 135cm (4’5″)
Opening: vagina, anal, oral
Vagina depth: 17cm
Anal depths: 16cm
Oral depth: 13cm


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